Random Facts About 9 Places In The World You Should Visit!

How many of these places dotted all around the world have you ticked off your travel list so far and how many do you plan on ticking off your list this year?

(N.B.: Living in the places also counts too! )

1.) Bali: There are only 210 days in the Balinese Calendar (i.e. The Pawukon calendar)

2.) Paris: There is only one stop sign in Paris.

3.) Sydney: The Australian capital city of Canberra was built specifically as the capital due to Sydney and Melbourne both vying to be named the capital city of Australia

4.) Porto: Porto is one of the oldest cities in Europe!

5.) Venice: Venice was built by people trying to escape/prevent Barbarian invasions.

6.) New York: Toilet paper was invented in New York by Joseph C. Gayetty (in 1857).

7.) London: Most London Dry Gin is not actually made in London

8.) Hong Kong: Hong Kong has more skyscraper than New York City! In fact, Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers of any city in the world.

9.) Budapest: Budapest has more hot springs than any other city in the world