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Hello everyone! Finally the chilly winds started in Kolkata and the feel of Christmas is all around. I have been planning to shop a lot of things and would definitely share with you all. Ever since I joined Diva Likes, I was thinking of writing up this post but just couldn't get enough time to do some research and detailing for it. 

But now, no more laziness and here I am to share my best 10 beauty hack secrets with you all. Being in my student years, it is really not possible for me to get hold of all the professional type makeup products handy and I believe it's the same situation for most of you all. With years spent on experimenting things and the valuable tutorials on youtube, I learned some tricks. So I thought why not share them with my lovely readers? I have been trying and doing all these beauty tricks for several months now and they have helped me a zillion times. Read on to know more in detail about them. 

1. Apply Concealer Under Eyes In Triangle If you have the problem of dark circles and want to try dramatic eye makeup, always try concealing them. Most of us follow the old procedure of applying the concealer in dots in crescent-shape, but it is suggested to apply concealer under eyes in triangle-shaped in a downward motion. This helps in blending them without stretching the eye skin and gives a flawless concealing. 

2. One Minute Gel Liner Makeup lovers and beginners have always experienced the problem of buying a dud product. There are some eye pencils you bought thinking that it would be pigmented and nice but later got disappointed with the texture, isn't it? Just hold the eye pencil in the flame of a candle or lighter for 1 second (do not exceed the time) and let it cool for 10-15 seconds. Now apply it on the eyes for the super pigmented look, almost like a gel liner. I have tried this with few eye pencils and never looked back. The results are just amazing. 

3. Voluminous Eyelashes Are you unhappy with the mascara you just brought? Are they not giving you your desired voluminous eyelashes? Here's the solution! Apply a single coat of mascara and before they dry up sprinkle some baby powder or loose powder on your lashes with the powder brush. Wait for few seconds and apply second coat of mascara and witness the magical change on your lashes. Honestly, there are options for falsies in the market but they consume a lot of time and removal is another pain. Therefore, I swear by this method for giving volume to my eyelashes. 

4. Heat Eye Lash Curler Heated eye lash curlers are expensive than the non-heated ones and most importantly slight difficult to use when you're in a hurry. I have learnt this trick from a friend of mine who is a professional makeup artist and it really works wonders. Just keep your normal eyelash curler in front of a blow dryer and let it get warm for some time. Now use the curler to curl your lashes followed by the mascara. You would notice how amazingly it works. 

5. Eyebrow Tamer If you have a brown gel liner, then apply it on the angled-eye brush with slight Vaseline or petroleum jelly and tame the eye brows easily. You can also use Vaseline and bronzer or Vaseline with brown eyeshadow powder in the same method. 

6. Matte Lipstick Who doesn't love matte lipsticks? Speaking of me, I only prefer matte ones. They look remarkably nice on my face. Sometimes, after buying them I realize that the lipstick looks glossy on me and therefore I use the hacking trick to mattify them. Apply the lipstick and hold a flimsy paper tissue on top of it. Let it soak the moisture for 1-2 seconds and sprinkle some baby powder or loose powder on the tissue (still holding onto the lips). Voila! Your matte lipstick is ready. Repeat the procedure if the color gets lightened. This procedure also helps your lipstick to stay for a long time as well. 

7. Instant Lip Plumper Plump pout is the sexiest and every girl wants to have those plump lips. Half the products claiming to give you plump lips fail to do so and we uselessly buy them with heavy price tag. Just drop cinnamon oil or peppermint oil in your favorite gloss and apply. You would notice a fabulous change. For best results, scrub your lips prior to the application of the product. 

8. Easy Removal Of Glitter From Nails If you go through my series of glitter mania nail lacquer reviews, you would find one thing common in them and i.e. they are difficult to remove. But we all love the glitter nail paints! So what do we do? In a little bowl, mix the fevicol glue and water with 4:1 ratio and with the help of a brush apply on the nails prior to the application of nail polish. Let them dry for 5 minutes. Now apply your favourite glitter nail paints. After few days when you remove them you would notice how easily it peels off with a nail remover. 

9. Baking Soda In Shampoo We all love squeaky clean scalp whilst washing our hair but not all the products are efficient in doing so. In a small cup, mix 2 tablespoons of shampoo, 4 tablespoons of water and half tablespoon of baking soda. Mix it thoroughly and apply on damp hair. This makes your scalp clean and solves the problem of dandruff to a certain extent. 

10. Seamless Waves If you notice Katrina Kaif, you will agree how beautifully she sports the seamless waves. Undoubtedly, she looks graceful and beautiful. You can achieve the waves within few minutes. Simply braid your hair till the end and try to flatten it with the heated flat iron for few seconds. Now open the braid and flaunt your seamless waves. Don't forget to use a heat spray prior using the flat iron. If you are into makeup and cosmetics and are running out of time, I am sure all these tips will be useful to you. Definitely do try these and let us know about your experiences.